Monday, May 19, 2014

Midnight Runes Chapter 2 Teaser

Gearing up for the official release Wednesday, May 21st if all goes to plan!

Here's the beginning of Chapter 2 (Chapter 1, in it's entirety, is in the previous post):

I startled awake, sucking air into my lungs. My heart pounding, I looked around my room and shook off the recurring dream. I had dreamt of the guy in the woods several nights since the party. It seemed to be haunting me. Or taunting me. It was too early to tell. He stood in the safety of the shadows, watching from a distance. But unlike at the party, I stared directly at him. I strained to discern his features. I felt no malevolence from him. He seemed to be waiting for me to realize…something.
I waited for him to do something. Or say something. Or give me some clue what he wanted. Why he was there.
Why couldn’t I shake this dream? Why couldn’t I forget about it?
I knew the answer. I was intrigued. And I had known Trevor wasn’t honest about the Woods Guy, but I didn’t know why he would lie.
I glanced over to my alarm clock and pushed myself out of bed. I had to get ready for the last day of school. 

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