Sunday, November 9, 2014

Update and Announcement!

Hi everyone!

I did something I said I didn’t want to do. I went a long time between posts.

We demolished the boys’ bathroom and rebuilt it knowing once our daughter was born, it would be a challenge to complete a huge project like this with 3 young kids. I thought this would help clear the deck, so to speak, so that all I had to do was take care of the kiddos, the day-to-day stuff, and write. I thought I could work on book 2, Endless Evening, during naps and times they cooperated (by playing nicely) because it would be somehow magically easier if we had less to do. The problem with that thinking is, there’s always stuff to do. All these little projects continued to pop up. Some were absolutely necessary, some were necessary for sanity’s sake. ;)

Working on book 2 was always on my mind, but I could barely find the time to do it. This became very stressful and frustrating, not only because I couldn’t get into the space to write, but also because I had ideas I wanted to explore. I needed the time to be able to expand on them but I wasn’t getting it.

I had originally planned to submit the rough draft of Endless Evening to the editor before she was born. That didn’t happen. I wanted it to be released in November. November’s here, and it’s not ready.

I surrendered and let go of my self-imposed deadline. I just let it be.

The creativity returned.

I have the rough draft mostly done. I have details to add among which are a few needed scenes but I don’t know exactly what they are! Yet. LOL.

The other exciting announcement is that I’m writing short stories from both Trevor’s and Landon’s point of view!!

The way Midnight Runes reads is the way it had to be written. I struggled with the format. I wondered if there was a different way to tell the story. In the end, it’s told from Brynn’s point of view because it’s her story to tell. The challenge with that is, there’s SO MUCH going on behind the scenes that she isn’t aware of. I entertained the idea of having very short chapters told from either Landon’s or Trevor’s point of view inserted into Midnight Runes. The reason that couldn’t work (for that particular book, at least) is that once you get inside either of their heads, you immediately know their secrets and it would totally spoil the journey with Brynn.

Another path I entertained was writing an entirely separate book, told from Trevor and Landon’s points of view, happening in parallel with Brynn’s timeline.

Perhaps these short stories are the beginning of a separate book. Perhaps telling a few scenes from the guy’s points of view will suffice. We will see!

Cyber Hugs,